Weight Loss Journey – Back at it.

 At my biggest, December 2015 versus December 2016

Ahhhh weightloss. For me, like so many others, I have always struggled with my weight. I have always been the “bigger/curvy/full-figured” (basically just a nice way to say overweight) friend, and have had my ups and downs in my weight. I want to give you a glimpse of these ups and downs, and hopefully, this will help me stay accountable and actually hit my goal!

Like so many people, I feel like I have tried it all. Atkins, Weight Watchers, juicing diets, veggie-focused diets… you name it, I probably have tried it. I always had quick success, but then immediately let the weight creep back on once I stopped being as serious about my diet and fitness.

In early 2016 I had hit my all-time high as far as my weight goes. I was going through a rough point in my life coping with the loss of a family member and was trying to make myself happier with food. I made the decision to once and for all lose the weight for good, and seek medical help to do just that. I am fortunate that at that time, my doctor had a medical weight loss program as part of his practice, which seemed to be the best way to get the accountability I so desperately needed.

Using a low-carb, low-calorie, high-protein diet and some light fitness, I was able to drop 80 pounds in about 9 months. I felt like a new woman. Clothes that I wore as a freshman in HIGH SCHOOL were big on me. (Yep, my mom has some of my old prom/formal dresses and for a laugh, I tried them on… the early 2000’s were a special time for fashion everyone.) This was hands-down the smallest and healthiest I had been as far as I can remember.

Fast forward to now. About a year and a half later I have let the weight slip back on. It’s amazing how slowly something like this can creep up on you. I have gained almost 30 pounds back… I obviously saw/felt this happening, but it was slow and not the most noticeable of changes. I saw numbers on my scale I swore I would never see again, clothes started getting tighter, but not completely unwearable, but now as we transition to the hot summer, things I was wearing last year just don’t fit. I know it’s time to for me to get serious again.

So what’s the plan this time? Well, I am going back on the same physician-supervised medical weight loss journey. Low carb, low-cal, high-protein lifestyle. I had my first appointment yesterday and stepped on that body composition scale of doom that shows you everything you’ve been trying to ignore, and I am re-motivated to get down to my goal weight. My goal this time is to not only drop the weight but to really focus on my fitness and getting my body toned and in the best shape possible.

Here we go. I have 55 pounds to go, and I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but I am ready to do it again and share my journey with you all! Wish me luck!



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